Duck Trump Board Game

Board Game Design

Key Words:
Tremendous, Immigrants

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The 2016 election was a three-ring circus put on display for the entire world. A reality TV-star named Donald Trump has taken the stage and has begun throwing muslims and other minorities out of the big tent. The ideas that this would-be leader stands for are an affront to basic morality and it’s important that we keep vigilant to his machinations. We should stand our ground and never let this kind of power push us away from the tenets of human civility. I created a board game that allows people to talk about this without losing their minds.

In the game, Duck Trump, one team plays as Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz while the other team takes on the role of immigrants. The mission for the immigrants is to earn as much money as possible by doing different jobs on the board. If they get in trouble, they lose all their money and are sent to prison. The game isn’t over until one of the immigrants thinks he or she has the most money and quickly flees the country, or the politicians manage to incarcerate all of the immigrants.