The Hikesome App

Application Design

Key Words:
Social, Interactional

Graphic Design 3

Moving to the U.S. after spending most of my life in Sweden made me realize a lot of things. Firstly, I learned that food as a social activity is more prevalent here than in Sweden. Second to this, that many of my American friends love hiking, which is something I’ve never really tried. In the era of social apps that encourage us to do different activities with one another, I saw a potential in my ignorance and it is how the concept of Hikesome was born.

Hikesome connects both experienced and inexperienced hikers in your area. The ones that are new to hiking can find trust in the experienced to lead the way and show them where the best trails are. Everyone has the opportunity to teach, learn and interact with each other for a more pleasant and exciting hike. Set up your preferences, then choose a trail in your area and your done. Hikesome will connect you with people that match your criteria. The Hikesome app features messaging, an incentive and rating system, weather and photo galleries.