Opulent Wine

Packaging Design

Key Words:
Extravagant, Lush

Packaging 3

It’s easy to get lost while walking down the aisle in search for that perfect bottle of wine. There are hundreds of brands that are competing for your attention and most people tend to choose a label that catches their eye. One label may have an elegant color, the next, a striking illustration and another may have a unique embossed label. Luxurious wines often come with ornate floral patterns or beautiful illustrations that tell a story about the wine or the winery. These elements not only elevate the brand, but produce an opulent state of mind.

In order to embody the brand Opulent, I used aesthetics associated with high-end wines but tried to do so in a way that not only make the wine stand out, but also give it a unique personality. I created a label system that focuses on details, line art and typography. The labels wrap around the bottles to create visual interest and make the bottles look majestic. The artwork is set in gold foil to strenghten a feeling of luxuriousness and opulence.

Credit: Fujio Emura