Scandinavian Airlines

Printed Matter

Key Words:
Genuine, Northern

Identity 2

Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) was established in 1946 through a consortium agreement between three Scandinavian airlines. With over 28 million travelers every year, SAS is one of the most popular and recognizable airlines in Europe. The past decade has been tough for SAS. A strong competetive market has forced them to lower prices which in the end has affected their economy. In 2013, SAS managed to turn things around and is on the way to retrieve their status as a proud and strong nordic airline that leads instead of follows.

In this competetive market, it is crucial to stay true to ones brand and the customers. I was going for a look and feel that’d be attractive to the Scandinavian market and also give the impression of security and quality. The outdated SAS logo underwent an update, as did the color, photography
as well as the promotional language.