Stutterheim Raincoats

Printed Matter

Key Words:
Melancholy, Joy

Visual Systems 1

Stutterheim Raincoats was founded in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was inspired by the rainy seasons in the Swedish archipelago. The coats are handmade to ensure top quality. Stutterheim started out small but has lately received a great deal of recognizition worldwide after its work with rapper Jay-Z. Stutterheim’s philosophy and manifesto is all about embracing melancholy and the thoughtfulness of rain. Because without the rain, the joy of sunshine would not be noticed or as deeply felt.

Stutterheim’s manifesto is very intriguing and I was looking closely at it for the duration of this project. To believe that feeling blue can inspire creativity and you need it in life to be happy speaks to me. I was challenged to bring joy and creativity into Stutterheim’s current melancholic world through making a promotional brochure. To me, vibrant colors are an expression of happiness. I was able to balance these colors with black and white photography, sharing Stutterheim’s story as well as its methods of creating raincoats.

Credit: Stutterheim Raincoats